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Efficient Market Access

MAXEX eliminates the need for sellers and buyers to maintain duplicative, expensive correspondent relationships as all Exchange Participants transact through a single channel: MAXEX.


  • By using standardized products, loan sale terms, and settlement processes, MAXEX reduces error risk and compliance costs, increases liquidity, and efficiently connects buyers and sellers to a larger pool of qualified market participants.

  • By connecting qualified mortgage originators directly with end investors, MAXEX allows sellers of all sizes to maximize their loan proceeds. 

  • All sellers are qualified and regularly vetted by MAXEX, allowing buyers to save on approval and monitoring costs while increasing their market access.  

  • Broad market access affords all market participants improved execution and flexibility.


Pre Settlement Loan Reviews: All loans sold through MAXEX undergo an independent loan review by MAXEX. This independent loan review protects both the seller and buyer, decreasing the risk of defective loans entering the market and subsequent put-backs.

Single, Central Counterparty: MAXEX acts as the central clearinghouse and single counterparty for each sale, which in combination with the independent loan review and Dispute Resolution Process, provides confidence to buyers and enhances the value of all mortgage assets traded through the Exchange.

Independent Dispute Resolution: All Exchange Participants agree to settle disputes through an independent arbitration process designed to expedite a fair resolution of any claim, discourage frivolous claims, and provide an efficient alternative to the protracted litigation that has plagued the secondary mortgage market.

Pricing Power
  • MAXEX's unique structure helps to mitigate buyers' counterparty concerns, allowing for anonymous two way trading. Anonymous trading enables sellers of all sizes to receive market pricing based on loan-level characteristics.

  • MAXEX’s innovative trading platform provides Exchange Participants of all sizes with improved flexibility and power in pricing and execution: 

    • Our proprietary pricing engine takes any eligible set of loan features, sorts through the buyers’ pricing sheets, and returns the most competitive pricing for execution.

    • Advanced pricing tools not only provide sellers full flexibility in loan sale options but also allow them to register loans on the Exchange, consider bids from anonymous buyers, and create offers at specific prices, giving them more pricing control than ever.



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