MAXEX, a mortgage exchange, is looking for a passionate, hard-working, and talented AWS Cloud Infrastructure Engineer to join our Cloud Center of Excellence and build the next generation of cloud-native services. You will be given the opportunity to have significant impact on the software, the business, and most importantly, the customers we serve. As a member of  our team, you will have the opportunity to work with talented engineers and an experienced product team to build new features and delight our customers.


The MAXEX Cloud Center of Excellence is an elite team of experts in their field with the sole purpose of advising & empowering the engineering team to deliver high quality products. As a  member of the Cloud Center of Excellence, you will be working directly with our engineers in the  design phase of software to ensure all infrastructure, deployment, and monitoring considerations are met. As the design is being implemented, you should be available in case further   questions arise and to provide more guidance as details need to be worked out. When you are not assisting engineering, you will be putting together documentation and researching solutions for other challenges.


As an AWS Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, you will be expected to be part of a team that is responsible for shaping the deployment and monitoring culture of MAXEX. We have an unwavering commitment to automated, safe, self-healing deployments. The ideal Cloud Infrastructure Engineer will act as the glue between teams, ensuring operational excellence standards are met. Clean and clear documentation will be required. You will be required to write high-quality pipelines and deployment best practices – and help teams meet these standards. You will be working with world class experts in pushing the boundaries of what operational excellence is.


  • Working with engineering during design phase to create an operational excellence plan.

  • Advising engineers during implementation of said plan.

  • Assisting ad-hoc AWS questions & requests - “I'm having trouble with this CloudFormation template. Mind lending a hand?”

  • Documenting AWS, CI/CD, and monitoring strategies & best practices.

  • Shaping operational excellence culture through leadership.

  • Other duties as required



  • 2+ years’ experience in AWS

  • Familiar with release strategies and CI/CD pipelines

  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code (CloudFormation preferred).

  • Ability to work with engineering team to create individualized service-level operational excellence plans along with Sr. Cloud Infrastructure Engineers.

  • Ability to document CI/CD and monitoring best practices.

  • Be able to find solutions to emerging technical problems. (ideally within the AWS       environment)

  • Experience with Git.

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities

  • Ability to work independently and efficiently with minimal supervision (self-motivated)

  • Team player


  • Experience in managing Serverless applications.

  • AWS networking experience.

  • Knowledge of Go (or other modern programming language).

  • Experience with GitHub and GitHub Actions.


  • We are “one team” with singleness of purpose.  We value the diversity and the uniqueness of every individual and their contributions.

  • We are committed to the relentless pursuit of innovation solutions. We celebrate success.  When we don’t get it right, we learn from our mistakes and encourage one another to try again.

  • We embrace transparency and candor, encourage our employees to be enthusiastic and encouraging. To work hard and to have fun!



  • Competitive salary

  • Health Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

  • Vision Insurance

  • Paid vacation and holidays

  • Relaxed office environment

Please submit resumes to