Maloch Spivey

Managing Director, Loan Operations and Transaction Management

Maloch Spivey is the Managing Director of Loan Operations and Transaction Management for MAXEX. A 17-year veteran of the mortgage operations space, Maloch excels in process management and taking an analytical approach to remap and optimize the operations process. In his previous role as Senior Vice President of Correspondent Lending at Wells Fargo, Maloch led a team that reduced operational cost resulting in $16 million in annual savings for the company. Maloch’s expertise comes from touching every piece of the loan operations process throughout his career. Starting with an entry-level role as an underwriter for consumer loans, Maloch worked up through leadership roles in loan administration, becoming the Vice President of HARP Retail Fulfillment in 2011. In all of his roles, Maloch demonstrated a distinct ability to standardize processes to increase efficiency and reduce cost while also enhancing the quality of the products and reducing risk. Maloch is a Georgia native and received his BA in Businesses Administration from Valdosta State University.

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