MAXEX Featured in National Mortgage News

The story highlights MAXEX's rapid growth to becoming the go-to cash window for the non-agency market.

The rapid escalation of refinance activity in the non-agency mortgage secondary market has created a need for fast, consistent liquidity. Unlike past periods of volatility, MAXEX has been there to help originators take advantage of record-low rates. That's why National Mortgage News recently featured the company in an article on March 13, 2020.

The story highlighted our rapid growth in becoming the cash window for the non-agency market. Today, more than 100 originators and 17 leading institutional investors are approved to buy and sell with MAXEX. In total, they have locked approximately $7 billon in residential loans.

"Some investors are stepping away from the market and others are stepping in — not just for mortgages but credit in general. Because multiple investors are buying loans, there is constant liquidity on the platform," said MAXEX Chairman and CEO Tom Pearce in the story. "Sellers find that particularly attractive now."

Read the full story on the National Mortgage News website (subscription required).