MAXEX CEO Featured in MBA NewsLink

Tom Pearce explains how MAXEX is changing the game for ESG lending.


MAXEX CEO Tom Pearce was recently featured in a Mortgage Bankers Association Newslink article discussing MAXEX’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) lending program.

“Many U.S. companies view ESG lending as a way to give back to the community and protect the environment by making socially responsible investments,” says Pearce. “However, finding a robust supply of creditworthy ESG loan investments, especially in the mortgage markets, has been challenging for institutional investors to accomplish.”

Reducing the complexity of the secondary mortgage market is where MAXEX is changing the game. “It has historically been difficult to implement and scale new lending programs for large retail and investment banks because of the archaic way of buying and selling loans as well as the complexities in managing many lender counterparties,” adds Pearce. “We are uniquely positioned and seamlessly connect hundreds of lenders.”

Read the full interview on the MBA’s website.