The multi-seller, multi-buyer mortgage exchange

For sellers

Increase liquidity and profitability by connecting to the industry’s most active buyers through a single counterparty. 

For buyers

Reduce your acquisition costs by sourcing high-quality loans more efficiently.

Modernizing the secondary mortgage market

MAXEX is putting an end to decades of fractured processes and bespoke relationships, bringing standardization, liquidity and transparency to the world’s largest credit market.

Expanding liquidity in the non-agency mortgage market

$ 0 B+
Non-agency lock trading volume
Mortgage originators
Premier mortgage buyers
0 +
Securitizations including MAXEX loans

A broad suite of loan programs

MAXEX is one of the largest liquidity providers for jumbo mortgages on the secondary market. Our growing suite of loan products also includes:

  • Jumbo
  • Conforming
  • Non-QM
  • ESG

Traditional and AUS underwriting options. The industry’s leading jumbo liquidity program.

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Additional flexibility for non-owner occupied, second home and high balance loans.

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Expanded options for self-employed and creditworthy borrowers.

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Preferred pricing for diverse lenders and energy-efficient homes.

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Trusted by the industry's leading mortgage buyers

See why the industry is buzzing about MAXEX

MAXEX Co-Founder, President and COO Bill Decker was named a 2021...

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MAXEX Maloch Spivey was named one of the top operations leaders...

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MAXEX has continued to expand the number of liquidity options available...

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MAXEX has added former Penny Mac executive Brennan Walters as Chief...

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MAXEX has added global structured finance leader Lesley Goldwasser to the...

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MAXEX has secured a strategic investment from J.P. Morgan.

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Get greater liquidity, efficiency and transparency.

Trading loans in the secondary market has never been easier. Simplify your operations with the first true mortgage exchange.