Grow, adapt and compete.

Financial institutions

Banks and credit unions play a number of roles in the ever-evolving world of residential mortgage lending.
MAXEX’s exchange provides a complementary infrastructure to help financial institutions grow, adapt and compete. 

Expand your business

Tap into an expansive investor network and broad range of programs through a single relationship.

Maximize profitability

Turn your capital more efficiently with competitive pricing, fast liquidity and better execution.

Adapt quickly

Adjust your loan volumes and pivot from seller to buyer as market conditions demand.

Better serve your customers and members with a broad range of programs

Whether you’re looking to reduce underwriting, expand credit or diversify borrowers, keep your options open with our expansive portfolio of jumbo, conforming, alternative credit and ESG programs.

Traditional and AUS underwriting options. The industry’s leading jumbo liquidity program.

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Additional flexibility for non-owner occupied, second home and high balance loans.

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Full doc, alt doc and IO programs for creditworthy borrowers.

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Liquidity for business purpose loans.

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Maximize execution with multiple ways to trade

MAXEX enables you to stay ahead of the rapidly-evolving mortgage market. 

Flow Loan

Get daily liquidity and competitive pricing from many of the industry’s leading loan buyers.

Seasoned Bulk Trading

Achieve better results and reduce your organizational burden with a turnkey process.

Bid Tape

Maximize pricing and execution on unseasoned bulk loan pools.

Leading financial institutions rely on MAXEX

Banks and credit unions get maximum capital markets flexibility without added overhead cost.

“Even for a large lender, competition is fierce, and we look for every advantage we can get. By selling through the MAXEX platform, we are able to satisfy our loan officers with competitive products while also confidently taking care of our balance sheet through immediate access to liquidity for our pipeline. We can do both of these things without adding to the overhead cost due to multiple, additional legal contracts with new buyers.”

SVP & Director, Secondary Marketing, First Horizon Bank

Get more from the market

Utilize capital more efficiently and better respond to changing market conditions.