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Leading mortgage buyers are reducing their loan acquisition costs with MAXEX

MAXEX® is your gateway to hundreds of highly-vetted bank and non-bank mortgage lenders. Each seller adheres to our strict standards and has signed our standardized legal contract. All loans are sold directly to MAXEX, making it a more efficient way to source jumbo, conforming and other residential loan products. Loans bought through MAXEX have been securitized in more than 150 private-label MBS transactions. 

Market standardization

All participants agree to ONE contract, trade with ONE counterparty and use ONE set of guidelines per program. 

Reduce risk

MAXEX backstops repurchase risk and each seller undergoes rigorous counterparty reviews and financial health monitoring processes. 

More transparency

Each buyer competes in an open, efficient marketplace with increased visibility into pricing trends.

Increase your returns through more efficient loan sourcing.

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Maximize the value of your offerings and reduce loan acquisition costs.

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Maximize your returns. Simplify your process.

Significantly reduce the time and expense of loan acquisition with MAXEX.