Source high-quality loans from more than 300 leading originators

Portfolio buyers

Portfolio buyers spend countless hours and millions of dollars each year searching for residential loans that conform to their strict investment standards. It’s an expensive and risky process that reduces your organization’s long term returns. Our platform enables you to purchase high quality loans from more than 300 originators through a single counterparty.

Reduce acquisition costs

Eliminate costly sales and contractual costs by purchasing through a single counterparty.

Mitigate risk

MAXEX backstops repurchase risk and each seller undergoes rigorous counterparty review and financial health monitoring. 

Customize your experience

Purchase only the programs and loans you want, on a bulk or flow basis.

Take the pain (and expense) out of loan sourcing

Purchasing loans from MAXEX reduces the cost and frustration of maintaining a patchwork of lender relationships. Our exchange simplifies loan sourcing by enabling you to buy from hundreds of originators through a single counterparty.

  • ONE contract

  • ONE annual certification

  • ONE standard buying process

Leverage a fully-managed diligence process

Buying with MAXEX greatly reduces purchasing risk and the resources required to manage it. All loans purchased from MAXEX include:

  • Underwriting & condition clearing

  • MAXEX loan audit

  • Independent third party review

  • MAXEX backstops repurchase risk

Buy loans from a broad range of programs

Traditional and AUS underwriting options. The industry’s leading jumbo liquidity program.

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Additional flexibility for non-owner occupied, second home and high balance loans.

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Full doc, alt doc and IO programs for creditworthy borrowers.

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Liquidity for business purpose loans.

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Leading investors are expanding their portfolio with MAXEX

A number of leading financial institutions trust MAXEX to source non-agency loans.

“Bulk loan trades can be complicated, time consuming and come with many unexpected surprises, but it’s different when you work with MAXEX. The team’s expertise, transparency and partnership helped us execute the smoothest, quickest bulk purchase I’ve been part of. MAXEX would be an excellent partner for industry veterans for those just getting started.”

SVP, National Credit Policy Manager, Florida Capital Bank

Build your portfolio more efficiently, with less risk