Bid Tape Trading

Maximize execution and protect your business from market volatility

MAXEX Bid Tape Trading makes it easier for sellers to find liquidity and maximize execution for pools of unseasoned loans no matter where the market moves. We connect the one-off needs of mortgage lenders to the everyday needs of institutional investors through LoanExchange, MAXEX’s digital trading platform. It’s a faster, easier way to identify buyers, assess offers and reduce the risk of costly penalties.

Submit bid tapes

Deliver data directly to MAXEX. Our Bid Tape Trading toolkit makes it easy for sellers to align loan-level data to a single, standard format.

View offers from competing buyers

Receive loan-level and negotiated pricing on a single bid tape from multiple leading investors. All stipulations are included, providing increased price transparency and confidence in best execution.

Chose your preferred delivery

Lock loans on an individual or bulk basis to one or more investors. MAXEX provides multiple options to ensure you are maximizing the value of your loans. Our independent review process will ensure each loan conforms to buyer’s guidelines to minimize risk and facilitate execution.

Maximize your efforts with MAXEX Bid Tape Trading

Expand your options for best execution and protect yourself from market volatility.