Increase efficiency, transparency and trust in PLMBS securitizations


MAXEX’s single counterparty model dramatically reduces the friction and legal costs associated with securitizing loans. Our team of industry experts can help you implement the best strategy for your portfolio to produce maximum value.

Lower acquisition costs

Reduce sales and contractual costs by purchasing through a single counterparty.

Reduce risk

MAXEX backstops repurchase risk and each seller undergoes rigorous counterparty review and financial health monitoring. 

Increase pricing transparency

Get a more complete view of pricing trends on a wide array of loan programs.

Featured in a growing number
of PLMBS securitizations

Loans acquired through MAXEX have been included in more than 100 private-label transactions. Recent deals include:

Deal Name Settle Date % MAXEX Loans Total Loan Volume
MSRM 2021-4
CMLTI 2021-J2
$415,620, 350
MSRM 2021-2
JPMMT 2021-7
CMLTI 2021-J1
JPMMT 2021-6

Independently reviewed by Moody's, Fitch and Kroll

MAXEX has been evaluated by the three largest U.S. credit rating agencies.

Tailor your program to meet your needs

Buy only the loans you want across a growing range of programs. Settle on a bulk or flow basis.

Traditional and AUS underwriting options. The industry’s leading jumbo liquidity program.

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Additional flexibility for non-owner occupied, second home and high balance loans.

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Full doc, alt doc and IO programs for creditworthy borrowers.

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Liquidity for business purpose loans.

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“MAXEX brings standardization to an otherwise fragmented sector of the residential mortgage market.”

Managing Director, Head of Non-Agency Whole Loan and RMBS Trading,
J.P. Morgan

Reduce your securitization costs and risk

Acquire highly-vetted loans from a single counterparty.