Developing your 2022 strategy: FHFA fee increase

The FHFA’s increase to upfront fees on high balance and second home loans will have a distinct impact on the housing industry as we move through 2022. Increased conventional loan limits, the Fed’s tapering of bond purchases and rising interest rates will also all greatly affect the secondary mortgage market in which MAXEX operates.

Our mission is to meet the ever-changing needs of the secondary mortgage market, ensuring the continuous availability of efficient liquidity. The flexible nature of the exchange makes it ideal for times of volatility. We are working through these changes to see how we can best accommodate the market in 2022 and beyond.

Currently, we offer several programs providing liquidity for high balance and second home loans, including:

MAXEX Jumbo: daily liquidity for high balance loans, multiple fixed and ARM options

MAXEX Jumbo Express: underwrite high balance loans with your AUS, up to 89.99% LTV

MAXEX Conforming: daily liquidity for high balance and second home loans

Our team is working with our network of nearly 300 originators and more than 20 high-profile investors to create additional opportunities to take advantage of this shift in the market.


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