MAXEX helps mortgage originators access greater liquidity options with new DSCR program, expanded bulk and forward trading services

May 4, 2022 – ATLANTA – MAXEX, the first digital mortgage exchange, announced today the launch of a new DSCR (debt service coverage ratio) loan program and the expansion of its bulk and forward trading capabilities.  

Mortgage market turmoil has originators looking for new loan programs and liquidity to grow their business, rebalance their portfolios and serve their borrowers. By introducing a new DSCR program and expanding bulk and forward trading capabilities, MAXEX will help the more than 300 approved sellers on its exchange find new revenue opportunities and navigate mounting liquidity challenges.  

“As we saw with the early days of the pandemic in 2020, liquidity has a tendency to dry up quickly in the non-agency mortgage market during periods of extreme dislocation as traditional investors migrate to more conservative positions,” said Brennan Walters, Chief Revenue Officer of MAXEX. “One of the core principles of MAXEX is to provide its exchange participants with flexible, consistent liquidity despite market volatility. We are committed to helping buyers and sellers become more efficient, and our focus on DSCR and bulk and forward services reflects that.”  


MAXEX DSCR is a flexible loan program for originators looking to serve the growing number of individual and small business real estate investors who tend to prioritize property cash flow over interest rate.  

Benefits include: 

  • A flexible program to help originators grow their business: Turnkey program with generous loans limits from $150,000 to $2,000,000, a single set of guidelines and ready-to-buy liquidity  
  • Consistent, reliable liquidity: Minimize disruptions to the borrower experience with lock periods of up to 90 days 
  • Multiple ways to trade: Loans can be sold through MAXEX on a flow, forward or bulk basis 

Pricing for MAXEX DSCR will be available beginning May 20, 2022. Learn more by visiting

About MAXEX Bulk and Forward Services 

MAXEX Bulk Services help originators expand liquidity and execution options by enabling them to sell or buy seasoned or newly-originated loans on a forward or bulk basis using their existing MAXEX agreement. To date, MAXEX has executed billions in jumbo, conforming and other bulk transactions for leading banks, non-bank originators and institutional investors.   

Benefits include: 

  • Expand liquidity and execution: MAXEX enables originators to sell jumbo, conforming (i.e. second home, high balance and non-owner occupied) and DSCR loans on a flow, forward and bulk basis, maximizing opportunities to achieve best execution on each transaction 
  • Buy or sell with a single agreement: Existing MAXEX participants can easily shift posture as market conditions demand without signing new agreements  
  • Execute with multiple counterparties in a single transaction: MAXEX’s unique model enables participants to transact with multiple investors through a single counterparty, creating more opportunities to maximize asset value 
  • Reduce organizational friction with a turnkey process: MAXEX provides a turnkey transaction management process that reduces the strain on an originator’s internal team 

Learn more by visiting


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