Get faster, more consistent liquidity.

Your gateway to premier institutional investors

MAXEX gives you access to leading institutional investors, money center banks, insurance companies and real estate investment trusts (REITs)—all through a single, trusted clearinghouse. To date, more than 15 marquee investors have joined MAXEX as approved buyers.

Streamline your secondary operations

Managing the risk of running a trading desk means navigating multiple investor relationships, multiple settlement processes, multiple annual certifications and multiple opportunities for costly mistakes. MAXEX simplifies your secondary operations and reduces risk by enabling you to access premier investors through a single, trusted counterparty.

Ensure best execution

Going above and beyond best price means maximizing speed and reducing risk at every stage of the transaction. MAXEX helps each seller ensure that loans conform with investor requirements and provides expert assistance with condition clearing, collateral shipping, servicing transfer and more. 

Follow the path to better liquidity and confidence

More than 100 bank and non-bank lenders are approved to sell loan with MAXEX. Are you?  Contact us today to learn more about increasing your liquidity options and becoming a part of the MAXEX digital exchange.

Latest News & Insights

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