Delegated vs. non-delegated underwriting? 5 things to consider

Image showing text of delegated vs. non-delegated underwriting

Delegated underwriting vs non-delegated underwriting? That is an important question for every retail mortgage lender, and there are many factors to consider. It’s not just about mitigating risk or controlling costs—you must also think about your efficiency, your borrower relationships and how you can build a scalable business foundation.   The move to delegated underwriting can […]

Building mortgage strategy in 2022: Meeting volatility with flexibility

For the last two years the mortgage industry has been beyond flush with cash. The economic policies of the COVID-19 pandemic helped push total origination volume to more than $4 trillion in 2020 and 2021 as mortgage interest rates held at historic lows and families created extreme demand as they flocked to the suburbs. But […]

Developing your 2022 strategy: FHFA fee increase

FHFA Fee increase

The FHFA’s increase to upfront fees on high balance and second home loans will have a distinct impact on the housing industry as we move through 2022. Increased conventional loan limits, the Fed’s tapering of bond purchases and rising interest rates will also all greatly affect the secondary mortgage market in which MAXEX operates. Our […]

Is an ARM or IO loan right for your borrowers in 2022?

ARM and IO loans

Mortgage interest rates are rising and that means an already expensive homebuying process is going to feel even more out of reach for potential homebuyers. Giving borrowers options for how to finance one of the biggest purchases of their life is incredibly important both for the borrowers and for originators looking to remain competitive. One […]

The changing landscape of mortgage-backed securities

The next evolution of securitizations could come in 2022 to fulfill increasing investor demand for ESG-compliant products. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) compliance in the mortgage space has been difficult to achieve due to the archaic and inefficient way mortgage loans are traded between financial institutions. Through standardization of guidelines and contracts, it is possible […]